Emprise Canada Manufacturing

We are an Alberta owned and operated business with 20 years of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing experience and avid cannabis enthusiast developing the highest quality cannabis products for the betterment of the people.

Emprise Canada, we are Canada’s mid-stream manufacturer.Meaning, we strictly focus on Development of innovative Cannabis infused products. We are not involved/ Own retail stores or cultivation – We have strategic partners that grow and extract the purest and highest quality distillate and isolates from cannabis and hemp specifically for our product and customers needs. We are vertically integrated in our manufacturing capacities and production, so we do not outsource any of our cannabis manufacturing production and we perform all our steps in house right to stores through the provincial distribution channels.  We have 2 mid-stream manufacturing licenses in Canada,

One focuses on – production of Oils, Softgels, Our own NanoIP for Water soluble cannabis – first to market! Topicals

Second facility launching Spring 2021 is adjacent to our JV partner Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee that has processing capability of 10million lbs of green bean roasting capacity. We will be utilizing our proprietary powdered nano introducing a full line of single serve coffee infused with CBD and THC, Decaf with CBD / THC, Cold brew coffee CBD / THC infused beverages, Sparkling flavoured beverages and kombucha inspired Sparkling sodas.

Emprise Canada was the first in Canada to own 2 of these licenses for mid-stream manufacturing.



Emprise Cosmeceutical Topicals

Introducing the industries most advanced formulations of functional tropical products using only the best ingredients announcing Spring2021. Emprise Cosmeceutical Topical products stand out from the rest as they use organic / natural ingredients and enhanced with our water soluble nanotechnology for the most optimal absorption and penetration of our CBD formulations.



How do I administer Emprise oil products?

Ever oil product includes a pharmaceutical grade syringe with 0.1ml increments marked. Our THC dominant products include a 0.3ml Total fill syringe to accurately dispense 8.3 -8.7mg THC. Our CBD products all contain a 1ml total fill syringe.



Oil vs Nano product why is dosing different.

Oil products have a density of 0.95% compared to water therefore a 10mg/g  will contain 9.5mgTHC in 1ml. Nano is water soluble and is in a water base therefore 10mg/g =10mg THC in 1ml.



Why is the Net Volume 15ml but the Net weight 14.25g

This is because water is the same density in “g” and “ml” as seen on our nano formulations but oil has a density of .95%. Hence 14.25g per15ml.



What is Nano Technology?

Nano is a process of applying Shear motion like threading the liquid through a needle head or vibration through sonification at very high frequencies to the oil molecules separating them to their smallest particle size and encapsulating them in lisosomes or lipid nano particles seen above. Widely used by pharmaceutical companies to ensure bio-availability. Nano THC& CBD is a molecule coated with very small particles, that stabilize the CBD and can move in our blood faster than 'naked or oil' CBD, to effectively reach the target.

Molecules are packaged in nano-carriers that are the size of about 20-50 nanometers — or one-billionth of a meter — which allows the“package” to stay in the body for a longer time and to slowly release the intact CBD/ THC in the body.

The increased surface area of each molecule allows for the higher bioavailability and faster onset of effects. This also brings forward the bitter notes of Cannabinoids by increasing the surface area of your taste buds that interact with it. That’s why nano is best enjoyed with your favourite flavoured beverage. Cranberry cocktail juice does the trick every time.

Due to the Particle size being so small and being stabilized in aqueous solutions this is the only way to mix oil in water. 



What is the Emprise DNA Kit?

Emprise DNA is a joint Venture project with our partners at Endocanna Health. The Genetic testing kit no one else could build 22+ years in the making. With 8 Functional Product formulations that are genetically aligned and backed by over 1000 Scientific research papers and clinical studies analyzed to develop.

Endo·Aligned formulations focus on the specific CBD to THC ratio and dominant terpene profile. Strains can have wildly different ratios and profiles from one brand to the next, and even from batch to batch.Endo·Aligned seeks to avoid this uncertainty by suggesting a formulation that has a specific CBD to THC ratio, dominate terpenes, and specific cannabinoid profile. By focusing on ratios and profiles, Endo·Aligned suggestions are never impacted by inconsistencies that may occur with specific products or strains over time. In the long run, the approach becomes a far more reliable way to achieve predictable outcomes.The Endo·Aligned approach has proven to be a more consistent and scientifically valid approach to identifying products that are aligned with individual genetics.

Cannabis is personal find out how to make your cannabis journey personalized. 




What is the Emprise DNA Report?

Already Bought a Genetic testing kit in the past from another provider, You should have in your possession your personalized genome raw DNA Data in an excel file. Drop that into the secure server in you My DNALive account and get your personalized cannabis report instantly! No swab or DNA collection required.