Considering cannabis consumption through vaping?

Published by Matthew Howard on 5th Apr 2022


The next phase in the legalization of cannabis in Canada opens the door for new kinds of cannabis products, as well as additional ways to consume cannabis, including vaping. With vaping, a form of cannabis oil is vaporized through the use of a vaping product such as a vape pen. With every inhalation, a sensor triggers a vaporizer to heat a small amount of liquid in a cartridge. The liquid turns to vapour as it is drawn into the user's mouth.

Why do people use this method for consumption? Vape pens can fit into shirt pockets or purses, and can look like any other pen. Some consumers believe vaping delivers a smoother, less harsh, experience, and it is more cost effective in that you only use the product when you trigger the device. Some vape pens allow you to change the cartridge containing the cannabis oil and therefore a consumer can easily switch between products.

Vaping provides an alternative to smoking cannabis, and as with smoking, the effects of cannabis consumed through vaping come on more quickly than with some other forms of consumption. It’s important then, to start low and go slow, until you see how your body reacts to both the cannabis formulation you’re using, and to the vaping process itself. If you find yourself coughing, short of breath or having chest pain after vaping, stop using the product and get guidance about your continued usage of cannabis through vaping.

Cannabis vaping products sold through licensed companies in Canada are heavily-regulated and quality-controlled by federal and provincial governments, which sets out and monitors how legal vaping products are produced, tested and sold, and so provide you with greater assurances of quality than vaping products purchased illegally. Emprise Canada is committed to ensuring all of its products meet or exceed those requirements in order to ensure its customers get a quality products through vigorous testing and quality control.