Know your Cannabis

Published by Matthew Howard on 5th Apr 2022


As you consider cannabis consumption, you may hear about different strains of cannabis. Generally speaking, cannabis strains tend to be identified as either indica, sativa or a hybrid combination of the two. A number of attributes are often given to each of these strains. For example, indica may be presented as having a mellowing effect on consumers, while sativa is seen as being more energizing.

As with all things cannabis, however, it’s not that simple. The complex biochemistry within cannabis – the terpenes and cannabinoids at play – means that not all indica is calming; not all sativa will give you more energy. Add to this the fact that each person responds differently to cannabis, and basing a cannabis purchase simply on whether the cannabis strain is indica, sativa or a hybrid is no guarantee of the effects associated with consuming that cannabis. It’s good to take note of the strain, if it is identified in the product, but a better selection process is to look at the product’s THC/CBD ratio and, as part of the start low and go slow process used by smart cannabis consumers, ease into consumption of any new product to assess the effects on you personally.