Nano-emulsion: a unique cannabis offering from Emprise

Published by Matthew Howard on 5th Apr 2022


One of the more innovative ways you can consume cannabis from Emprise Canada is through our proprietary nano-emulsion formulations.

While we also sell cannabis oil, nano-emulsion is not cannabis oil in the sense you may be used to. Cannabis oil is an emulsion, with minute droplets of one liquid suspended in another liquid. Think about oil and vinegar salad dressing you’ve shaken up, for example. Nano-emulsion, however, produces particles only 20 to 200 nanometers in size – infinitesimally smaller than the oil particles used in emulsions.

There are numerous benefits to consuming cannabis through nano-emulsion. The extremely small cannabis oil/water particles provide greater therapeutic efficacy and offer the potential to minimize adverse effects. Nano particles in water means the solution is water soluble and therefore passes more easily into the bloodstream, resulting in faster onset. And if you feel the effects sooner you can more easily gauge if you need or want to take more. Nano emulsion may also reduce or mask the taste of cannabis taste.

Emprise nano-emulsion formulations can be infused into food or beverages.