Why softgels?

Published by Matthew Howard on 15th Dec 2019


Softgels are commonly used for delivering medicine or active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) through the digestive system. A softgel has an outer shell which is typically made of animal-sourced gelatine, glycerine and water, heated to appropriate temperature and pressure conditions, following a specific procedure.

A softgel also contains an inner ‘pocket’ which is filled with the API or, in the case of Emprise softgels, cannbidioids mixed with oil. The oil, often called the carrier oil, is usually one of the commonly used oils such as coconut oil, palm kernel oil or olive oil.

The structure of the exterior shell, which can be varied, determines how long it takes for the cannabis in the softgel pocket to be released, and therefore how long it takes for the cannabis to enter your bloodstream. Onset of effects by consuming softgels is often slower than when cannabis is inhaled or ingested in nano-emulsion form.

Among the benefits of softgels for the consumption of cannabis are the reliable, consistent dosage provided. Each and every softgel in an order contains the same amount of THC and CBD. Softgels are small and easily transportable so they can be tucked in a pocket until you need or want one, and softgels also provide a discreet way in which to consume your cannabis.