Emprise Endo·Decoded Report Upload License

Your personalized Emprise Endo·Decoded DNA variance report is actionable information you can use today.

The perfect solution for anyone who has already take a genetic test from another service like 23andMe or Ancestry DNA.

Upload your existing raw data for endo·compatibility analysis and your personalized Emprise Endo·Decoded report.

The most comprehensive, scientifically valid DNA test for endo·compatibility available.
Discover your optimal CBD and cannabis products based on your own DNA.



Your purchase includes: the Emprise Endo·Decoded report, Endo·Aligned CBD:TCH ratio and terpene profile formulation suggestions, Endo·Aligned product matching in your state, suggested dosage guidelines, and methods of administration.

• No swab or DNA collection required
• Fast and secure upload of your existing raw DNA data
• Get your endo·compatibility Emprise Endo·Decoded report in 30 seconds
• U.S. based CLIA Certified Laboratory DNA endo·compatibility analysis
• Secure and personalized account on MyDNA.live
• Online portal access
• Wellness plans
• Emprise Endo·Aligned cannabinoid ratio and terpene profile suggestions
• Emprise Endo·Aligned product matching in your state
• Potential drug interactions
• Administration suggestions
• Automatic, lifetime updates as research become available
Services Supported
• 23andMe
• Ancestry DNA
• FamilyTree DNA
• Sowello Health


Discover your own unique and personal response to cannabinoids, THC and different terpenes and potential side effects.

An in-depth scientific report shows how your unique genetic makeup may best respond to cannabis strains and formulations.

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