Emprise Endo·dna Collection Kit and Endo·Decoded Report

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Take the guesswork out of finding the right CBD or cannabinoid product for you.

Learn the most ideal cannabinoid ratios for you.

Uncover how you should take cannabinoids.

Discover the ideal dose for your body.

Know which terpenes provide the greatest benefit, and which to avoid.

Find out any drug to drug interactions that could affect you.

Create your own wellness journey with personalized information.



Emprise DNA is a Swab test Genetic testing kit no one else could build. Backed by 1052 scientific research papers and clinical studies analyzed that took 22 years developing EndoDNA AI super chip to give customers a map of there endcrince system. Emprise’s DNA is a genetic testing kit analyzes more than 600,000 SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) related to your endocannabinoid system. These specific SNPs exhibit genetic variations which have been shown in academic research to be associated with specific medical conditions, mental wellness, and physical health.
Emprise has formulated eight functional products with specific amount and type of terpenes and with specific amounts of THC and CBD. These products, along with information from the DNA analysis, take the guess work out of cannabis use.

Discover your own unique and personal response to cannabinoids, THC and different terpenes and potential side effects. An in-depth scientific report shows how your unique genetic makeup may best respond to cannabis strains and formulations.

Your purchase includes the Emprise·dna DNA collection kit, Emprise Endo·Decoded report, Endo·Aligned CBD:TCH ratio and terpene profile formulation suggestions, Endo·Aligned product matching in your state, suggested dosage guidelines, and methods of administration.

Endo·dna Collection Kit and Endo·Decoded Report includes:

DNA Swab Test Collection Tools
Step-by-step collection instructions
Pre-paid return mailer
U.S. based CLIA Certified Laboratory DNA endo·compatibility analysis
Full Emprise Endo·Decoded report
Secure and personalized account on MyDNA.live
Online portal access
Wellness plans
Endo·Aligned cannabinoid ratio and terpene profile suggestions
Endo·Aligned product matching in your state
Potential drug interactions
Administration suggestions
Automatic, lifetime updates as research becomes available


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